Outdoor style, Ethiopian cuisine, a great Kause and meatball martini’s.

IN The Loop Ep #11 – original air date June 21, 2015 on WISH-TV 8

Kaylyn Easton, Jon Bausman, Jade Johnson and Erica Stikeleather take you on a tour of Indiana every Sunday night at 11:30 on WISH-TV 8, Indiana’s CW affiliate. IN the Loop TV shows viewers new and exciting segments about our community.

Outdoor style, Ethopian cuisine, a great Kause and meatball martini’s. This week on IN the Loop Erica Stikeleather talks patio refurbishing and restoration on the Northside. Kaylyn Easton goes to Abyssinia on the West Side of Indianapolis for Ethiopian Cuisine. Jade Johnson talks to Jared Rhiner about his daughter, Kammy’s Kause and P 4 minus. Jon Bausman has drinks with Katie Harris of the newest, oldest Italian restaurant in Indianapolis, Iozzo’s Italian Eatery.

If you missed this episode or any other episodes of IN the Loop TV Show you can watch them all online. Tune in every Sunday on WISH-TV 8 for a look at everything Indianapolis, where to go, what to do and how to play in the city.

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